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I'll be heading from South Africa to Asia!

  1. Asia Japan
/Capital: Tokyo
It's overall around 44,579,000 km of course.
Anyway as I have returned once again to continue my journey and knowing it's almost the end.
I'll be going to where the ANIME, the MANGA, the SUSHI and the STUDIO GHILBI is. I am impatient for this because the flight from Pretoria, South Africa is only 14 hours 17 minutes! It's going to take forever and ruin half of my experience!
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As time flies by it has finally been the time to get off the plane and towards my hotel in TOKYO, JAPAN! I love Japan because that is where everything of my childhood has been in and things I've watched since forever. The Anime is my most favorite thing out of everything of the world! The amazing art, the manga, the studio ghilbi and even the disnleyland. Everything to experience all the amazing things to see and eat! I make my way quickly to the hotel as it's called Hotel Oak because it was the CHEAPEST as it's only $74. (In Japanese Yen that's about 7412) Yeah trust me that was the cheapest out of the rest and it's only a 2 star hotel. Jeeza Lousaaaa. Anyways, so I continue to unpack once again and final time because after my venturing of Japan I'll be heading to the second last resort and then the third one annnnnd then I'll be going back home returning to my family and returning to school of course. Either way I might as well enjoy my stay!

The morning comes along as I'm already awake as I NEVER SLEPT! I'm excited for this and I head out straight to the Rainbow Bridge and take as many pictures I could possibly even do. I then just look around and talk to others about ancient things like "Edo Period" because SWORDS AND SAMURAIS ARE AWESOME! I continue going around and then I stop to Meiji Shrine because I want to feel like a true samurai. (Even though I'm not and that I'm not experienced with holding any weapons. No human being was injured during this travel). After that it gets dark as I make my way back to my hotel and as I'm walking down Rainbow Bridge everything looks beautiful as all the colors reflect from each other of the bridges and they continue shining with rainbows towards each other. I just smile and continue making my way back to the hotel.

As time flies by I pack my things up once again and start heading out as I make stops towards 2 things before I leave Tokyo.
The first stop is Tokyo Skytree because I want to reach the top and look out of what's underneath me as it's glass. (Which you gotta be careful of course. You've been warned and stay cautious). My second stop is Tokyo Disneysea because I wanna go see the fishes and the amazing humongous aquarium with Disney character themes around it. That's about it for my journey in Tokyo. Time to head on out to the next!

  1. Asia China
/Capital: Beijing

I have made it from Tokyo, Japan to Beijing, China. That only costed $353 and the time was only 13h 45m. As I stay patient and wait it continues on to where I doze off. (I doze off a lot whenever I'm in any kind of vehicle, plane, or anything with "windows". As I arrive finally I head on out and go straight towards to find my hotel and as I do I then go to Hotel Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao and it's only $84. Everything is so expensive yet cheap for some odd reason because either there's barely people or either it's just to gain more money for the government. Anywaaaaay, as I continue my blog I sadly know it's almost to an end. The next trip I go on is gonna be my last and I hope things do work out when I return back home. As I rest for the day I then wake up and know that the next day will be my last in this country as there's not much to seek around. I head out searching first to Temple of Heaven because it sounds pretty cool. As I head towards there, there are so much people just there having their own time of their lives and as I just walk around and talk wondering what this temple is truly for it states that it is literally the Altar of Heaven, is a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. But yeah, as I return back to my hotel just wanting the day to go pass I just play some video games for the time being. (PSVITA Console).

The next day goes as I pack up getting ready to go to the last spot before I leave China. I head towards Fragrant Hills Park where there's a beautiful pathway to walk as you do the leaves change color as it falls towards you and around where you walk. There's ponds there it's so beautiful really. And so that is all for China and it's time to head to the airport to my last resort and then head on home.

  1. Asia Thailand
/Capital: Bangkok

I've made it to my LAST resort and I hope I enjoy this honestly. As time goes by as it was from Beijing to Bangkok. The time flight was about 5h 15m and costed about $120 which is very cheap because it's super close as I could have taken a train, but that would've consumed more time apparently. Which is weird. Anyway, I continue venturing as I wait and wait until I was finally there and as I was the car to drive me was there. I then head towards the hotel A-One Bangkok Hotel and it only costs $39!

It goes by and I have only a night or two here as I have to return home super early as I want to see my family and friends again. As that happens I then rest for the night. / / / / / / / / / Time passes on as I wake up and get ready and head out to Grand Palace! Where there's beauty, lakes, amazing animals, righteousness, and food. As the day goes by and knowing tomorrow is my LAST DAY HERE I then just go home and pack up early.

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Everything passes the time, the moon, everything most likely.
It's 10:20 AM and I headout packed up and make my last stop to Railay Beach and as I do everything is beautiful. I just go towards the ocean and dab my feet in the water as it's cold, but a nice kind of cold. As the time passes by and I sit relaxing looking up at the sky knowing I'll be going home today. I stand up and make my way to a taxi and to the airport because there is a lot to explore in all these countries I just rather want to experience it not alone. So for now I'll just say a word of advice for my blog. "Don't travel alone because you'll be the lonely one in those pictures."

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As I finish my travels from Europe I then take a flight towards South Africa to venture on with my travelling. My first stop will be to Cape Town!

  1. South Africa
/First Capital: Cape Town

It's around 2,455 km and the population is 987,007. The flight cost and time from Europe to South Africa is 21 h 45 min flight and around $2,355.
As soon as I arrive in Cape Town of South Africa I venture towards a place to stay because I'd need to sleep and it'll most likely be a different time zone than Europe. As I go to a hotel it would be called Parliament Hotel and it's only 63$! The other hotels are so expensive due for people barely being around here, so it's pretty rare. The day goes by and I wake up getting ready for another cool day as I do I go around in Cape Town looking at the cool things around me. I stumble across Boulders Beach an amazing beach that has so much people having fun and swimming because they love to. Either way they're having the time of their lives and I will too! I continue sightseeing around me and look for the other things and I then again stumble across District Six Museum as that's a pretty serious thing if you dare try to pass District Six as you'd be risking your life. Any who, I continue venturing until it has become dawn and I head back to my hotel a bit lost, but asked for directions from people whom don't quite understand as I thought they would. But hey, I made it either way and I wonder what other surprises they'll have for me next morning. It's 6:32 AM and I wake up ready to enjoy my day already! I go for a shower then brush my teeth then get dressed and ready to go. I take my things and head out the door as I seek for more experience out there. I go towards the best attraction for sightseeing and that's Cape Town Stadium. I sit and watch everything that happens because there's morning playoff for some odd reason, but I think it's for them to get better. Soccer and Football. As hours pass I dozed off actually and woke up sitting in the seat at around 4:30 PM!! Time flies by so fast when you just shut your eyes for at least 4 minutes. Anyways, I go around once more before taking my leave and heading somewhere else in South Africa. I go to the bake shops around and just try the sweets because why not? That's it for Cape Town. Can't wait for the next excitement that awaits me.

  1. South Africa
/Second Capital: Bloemfontein

From Cape Town to Bloemfontein is around 10 h 8 min (1,000.3 km) and the cost is $787 can you believe it? It seems so cheap honestly.
Anyways, I continue on my journey for my dream trip around the world even though there might be a bumpy experience doesn't mean I'm bored with it or anything. So, the day goes on as it takes FOREVEEEEER to reach I just went and took a long nap. As it's one flight towards there. By the time I made it, it was around 10:44 PM actually and not AM which is odd, but that's time zone logic. I went for a small drive towards where my new hotel I'll be going to and it's called B&B at Bloem and it only cost $41?!?!!!!!!!! Life is great when things are cheap. I'll only be staying for 2 nights then heading out to my next new experience. As that goes by I just shortly went on a nice walk as I unpacked my things into my hotel room. I go and find out that Anglo Boer War Museum was still opened and so I wandered for awhile and saw some pretty fantastic things and statues. By the time I've arrived to my hotel I just slump into my bed and just fall asleep. As it's morning I'm already ready for the cool things and then tomorrow is my last, but yeah! I'll enjoy this for sure. :)
I head towards Hertzog Square where it has cool statues and a small pond and I just walk around there enjoying the fresh air away from home. I wouldn't say I'm homesick just yet because I'm pretty much enjoying the stay honestly. haaha. :D As I continue my way around I get a bit sick and just head back to my hotel and wait for the day to end as I rest. The next day comes and it's my last night here and so I just don't do anything as I'm way too sick. But I do look out my window to enjoy some views. I head back to the airport at around 6:40 AM and get on as I'm ready for my new adventure.

  1. South Africa
/Third Capital: Pretoria

From Bloemfontein to Pretoria it's about 4 h 18 min (457.7 km) and the cost would be $282 and it's not that much because it's only a night or two. Anyways as I venture once again through South Africa I sit and wait a few hours until I've made it. As I made it I then just continue to search for a hotel and eventually I found one called Morning Star Express Hotel and it literally costs $49, but with tax I most likely think. Anywho as I return towards that hotel to unpack I think of the things I'll be doing. As I head to bed for the day I wake up as soon as possible standing up and gettin ready to rumble my way out! I go towards an attraction that is MEANT for sightseeing AND THAT IS BURGERS PARK! Exciting right? Indeed it is. I can't wait! Maybe there are actual burgers, Hahahah not really... Anyways, I go towards there and look at the amazing things such as the gazebo and just sit under the shade relaxing. I then get tired due for so much trips around everywhere I just head back for the rest of the day and sleep. As I wake up at around 8:34 AM I just go and brush my teeth and get dressed and headout with my things as I'll be leaving to venture on the third country I'll be going to. My last resort I head to would be and it's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE it's called Church Square, Pretoria. I head over there and pray that I will continue to have a blessing day and to enjoy what else is ahead of my path and journey.

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Travel and Tourism 2O15

  1. Europe Sweden
/Capital: Stockholm

Contains of encompasses of 14 islands. I shall be attending there because I really enjoy their accents of how strong it is and that they have the most fantastic humor.
Besides it's where IKEA was basically made and first started in. I saw the population and there's approximately 9.593 million or so I suppose.
Anyways, back to my reasoning of why I really want to go. The flight time and cost between Canada to Sweden would be 9h 25m+ and around $1,350. The total area around here is about 72.59 sq miles (188 km²). I want to go sightseeing to see the Water Duck that was built on the water where the dock is! I also then want to check out the Big Yellow Bunny that's right in the middle of everything that's laying against a statue. It was told that was just for inspiration and just set there to show the world that anything you make can be set to your mind that it's a work of art! I think it’s especially important for people to get out of Canada to travel and get some perspective. Traveling opens your eyes to some of the real problems people face, and gives you the opportunity to come up with solutions to tackle those, rather than some of the more trivial ideas closer to home. You can’t fail to come away from traveling inspired with a fresh perspective and new ideas. So, I overall can't wait to head over to Sweden!

  1. Europe Spain
/Capital: Madrid

Spain's central capital where it's very expensive due for having amazing European Art around and very elegant.
The flight time and cost from Sweden to Spain would b 7 h 30 min flight, around $1,160. The area around here is about 233.89 sq miles (605.77 km²). The population around there is approximately 3.234 million. I'll just wake up and have the sunshine in my eyes as I go change and get ready for another adventure! First spot I'd love to visit would be Gran Via because it's like a small city just more wider then it seems like to be. There's a pool area and I'd like to go swimming and just enjoy sitting around doing nothing as I swim around. The second attraction I'd like to go to would be Zoo Aquarium De Madrid because I love Lions and I love reptiles like huge snakes and lizards. They're all so beautiful and it's just amazing being able to watch them eat eggs and digest it out again. The third attraction I'd go to around the end of the day would have to be Coco Price because it's a studio that has classical performances that make people usually cry or get inspired in some way.

  1. Europe Austria
/Capital: Vienna

The population around in here is about 8.47 million and the total area would have to be 160.10 sq miles (414.65 km²). The flight time from Spain to Austria would be 4hrs 15min and the cost would be $220.
Anyways, after I've arrived I'll be going towards Prater Park because it seems like a really cool and fun amusement park. But first I'll be going to a hotel that would be Caroline and it only costs $76 a night and so it's a pretty good deal to be honest. As I go and sleep there for the day I'll wake up and then enjoy going towards Prater Park! I wake up and head out towards the amusement park that has fun rides and all the goodies! I'll then be sightseeing around Spanish Riding School BECAUSE YOU RIDE HORSES! You learn to ride HORSES! That's amaaaazing! and I'd love to be able just to be there for a day and ride horses forever actually. It be fun and I'd be willing to do stuff during the day and let time go by fast.

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